Johann Nicolaus BREDE

Johann Nicolaus BREDE


Type Value Date Place Sources
Name Johann Nicolaus BREDE
Occupation Zigarrenmacher


Type Date Place Sources
birth 5. May 1840 Bremen search of this place
burial 8. February 1914 Danzig-Westpr, Deutschland search of this place
baptism 6. September 1840 Bremen search of this place
death 4. February 1914
marriage 1. November 1868 Berlin search of this place
marriage 16. January 1873 Berlin, Brandenburg, Preußen search of this place

Spouses and Children

Marriage Spouse Children
1. November 1868
Henriette Wilhelmine SCHUPPAN
Marriage Spouse Children
16. January 1873
Berlin, Brandenburg, Preußen
Henriette Adolphine Adelheid FUHRMANN


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Title Schierloh
Description Gern melden wenn mehr bekannt
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