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marriage 1744

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Title Häßle Haessly Philipp, Auswanderer (1817) von Hänner (Murg) Baden nach USA
Ancestors and descendants of Philipp Häßle / Haessly and Anna Maria Spohn from Baden, Germany to Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas and elsewhere.

Diese Auswanderung ist hier in Baden in den Büchern nicht dokumentiert, sondern wurde rückwärts recherchiert. Als Schlüsseldokument wurde seine "Intention" aus dem Jahre 1832 gefunden, mit dem Haessly seine Einbürgerung einleitete:

State of Pennsylvania -  Northumberland County

"Philip Harzley" born in "Haner in Laufenberg" being now in the "35 th" year of his age, having migrated from "Baden" and arrived in "Newcastle" on the "4th" day of "January" A.D. "1818", being under the allegiance of "the Grand Duke of Baden", and intending to continue his residence in Northumberland County, reports himself to the Prothonotary of the Court of Common Pleas of the County aforesaid, in compliance with the second section of the Act of Congress, entitled -An Act to establish an uniform rule of naturalization, and to repeal all acts heretofore, made upon that subject, enacted the 14th day of April 1802,- and the supplements thereto, - with intent hereafter to become a citizen of the U. States.

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