Type Value Date Place Sources
Name Thomas DE HOLLAND
Occupation 1397 (interpreted from the original value "BET 1381 & 1397") E Earl of Kent search of this place


Type Date Place Sources
birth 1350
death 1397 (interpreted from the original value "Apr 25 1397") England search of this place
marriage 1364 (interpreted from the original value "Apr 10 1364")

Spouses and Children

Marriage Spouse Children
1364 (interpreted from the original value "Apr 10 1364")

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Thomas Holland, 2nd Earl of Kent (1350 – 25 April 1397) was an English noblemanand a councillor of his half-brother Richard II. Thomas was the son of ThomasHolland, 1st Earl of Kent and Joan of Kent. His mother was a daughter of Edmundof Woodstock, 1st Earl of Kent and Margaret Wake. Edmund was in turn a son of Edward I of England and his second Queen consort Marguerite of France, and thus ayounger half-brother of Edward II of England. When his father died in 1360 Thomas became Baron Holand. His mother was still Countess of Kent in her own right. At sixteen, in 1366, Holland was appointed captain of the English forces in Aquitaine. He fought in various campaigns over the following years, and was madea Knight of the Garter in 1375. Richard II became king in 1377, and soon Holland acquired great influence over his younger half-brother, which he used for his own enrichment. In 1381 he was created Earl of Kent.


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