Ancestors of David Conrad Wilhelm HENZE

Marie Varentine ( Fernandine) AHLEMEIER
Birth: 1790 Lothe, Lippe-Detmold, Germany
Death: 1833-06-24 Lothe, Lippe-Detmold, Germany
Friedrich Ernst NESEMEIER
Birth: 1791 Lothe, Lippe, Germany
Death: 1841-12-25 Lothe, Lippe-Detmold, Germany
Amelie Cathrine "Louise" AHLEMEIER OR NESEMEIER
Birth: 1825-10-13 Lothe, Lippe, Germany
Death: 1856-10-09 Stephenson, Illinois, United States
William -- Franz Conrad "Wilhelm" AHLEMEIER OR WELLING OR NESEMEIER
Birth: 1820-03-01 Lothe, Lippe, Germany
Death: 1911-12-22 Dakota Township, Stephenson, Illinois, United States
Birth: 1815-05-08 Woebbel, Lippe Detmold Germany
Death: 1885-01-23 Dakota Twp, Stephenson, Illinois
Heinrich Konrad HENZE
Birth: 1810-03-04 Lippe Detmold, Germany
Death: 1880-06-11
Anne Marie Wilhelmine Louise WELLING
Birth: 1848-11-16 Evangelisch, Schwalenberg, Lippe, Germany
Death: 1903-12-01
Conrad Christian HENZE
Birth: 1843-11-28 Brakelsiek, Lippe, Germany
Death: 1925-04-19 Davis, Stephenson, Illinois
David Conrad Wilhelm HENZE
Birth: 1874-07-14 Rock Grove Township, Stephenson, Illinois, United States
Death: 1942-06-18 Davis, Stephenson, Illinois, United States


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